eFile FAQ: Sign Up for an eFile account

How do I Sign Up for an eFile account?

1. If you registered with CCA but never use an eFile account at User Login page the message will appear:

Click OK to eFile Signup to create an eFile account.

The eFile Signup screen appears:


2. To complete this screen, refer to the instructions in the following table:

To complete this field Do this
Account Type Select Individual or Business
Taxpayer ID

Type your Social Security number.  Do not use spaces or dashes.

Note: Joint Filers must use the Primary Taxpayer's Information.

First Name Your first name, exactly as it is registered with CCA.
Last Name Your full last name, exactly as it is registered with CCA.
Password A six to eight character password of your own choosing. Passwords are case sensitive. CCA suggests that you use a combination of letters and numbers in your password.
Be sure to record your password in a secure place.
Re-type the password you recorded in the Password text box.
If the re-typed password does not match the first password, an error message appears. Re-type your password in the Password and Re-Enter text boxes.
Email address Enter your email address.
Re-enter email address Re-enter the same email address.
Password Reminder
CCA uses the reminder question to help verify your identify when requesting a password re-set.
1.Select the desired reminder question from the list of available options.

2.In the Password reminder answer text box, type the reminder (e.g., your mother's maiden name, your driver's license number, etc.)
Human Verification code CCA uses this field to verify that a person and not an automated system is completing the eFile registration form.
In the Enter the code EXACTLY from image displayed text box, type the code that appears in the Human Verification Code field.
For example:  equals qAGOVQ.

This field is not case sensitive.

3. To submit the request, click Next.
A message appears, indicating that the eFile Account was created:

You are now ready to log in and use eFile.
NOTE: If you did not type your first name, last name, or Social Security number exactly as they are registered with CCA, an error message will appear when you try to sign up.  To verify how your name is registered with CCA, refer to any document mailed to you by CCA, or call CCA.