eFile FAQ: Exemption Form

How do I complete Exemption Form?

To complete and submit the eFile Exemption Form, do the following:

1. Log in to eFile and select the Exemption Certificate.

Adobe Acrobat Reader starts and the Exemption Certificate appears:

Your name, address, and Social Security number appear automatically.
2. Check one of the five available check boxes, indicating why you are exempt from filing:

NOTE:  You must select one check box.  You cannot select more than one.
3. To verify that the data is correct, click the check box at the bottom of the form:

You cannot submit the form without checking this box.
4. To submit the data, click the File button.
A confirmation message appears:
5. To print a copy of the confirmation code, click the Print button.

6. To close the screen, click the Close button.

Am I Eligible to Submit an Exemption Form Electronically?

Before you can use eFile to submit an Exemption Certificate, you must complete the Eligibility Questionnaire screen prior to logging in to eFile.